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       Innovation and Simplicity, where technology starts.
MicroDysis is an instrumentation company, in the Princeton area of New Jersey High Technology Corridor. The Company is developing innovative products and cutting-edge technologies in microfluidics, liquid delivery, medication delivery, lab automation and equipment for life sciences, biotechnology, medical device, and R&D.

Based on its patented micro- and nano-fabrication,  and reverse electrodialysis technology for iontophoresis, MicroDysis develops and manufactures a wide variety of fluidic devices and equipment, medication releasing and delivery devices for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. The Company is also providing R&D and prototype services for liquid handling, automation, and instrumentation.

MicroDysis has developed to assemble single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) upright onto a polymer surface.
Unique microfabrication technology – 3 dimensional micromolding (3DM) to overcome the deficiencies of established approaches for microfluidic devices.
The carbon nanotubes are prefunctionalized and ready to accept virtually any probe or receptor. Devices made with this technique have significantly higher sensitivity and require smaller sample volumes and lower concentrations.