Based on its patented micro-and nano-fabrication, MicroDysis develops and manufactures a wide variety of fluidic devices and equipment, as well as medication releasing and delivery devices for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

Elim-3300 Microfluidic Autostainer

Designed Specifically for Research Labs in Academic and Industry Settings.

Use Bioreagent as little as 100µl per slide

Compact and Low Profile Shaker

with 3-dimensional, orbital, and speed-adjustable motion for homogeneous shaking and mixing applications in flasks, culture flasks, Petri dishes, and tubes.

MicroFluidic Raman Spectrometer

ultra-compact Raman spectrometer with microliter sample volume and microfluidic sample delivery.

Western Blotting Incubator

Designed for Research Labs to Reduce the Consumption of Reagents Significantly


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