The MDS-201 is meticulously designed to provide precise three-dimensional rotary shaking and mixing, explicitly tailored for biochemical reactions in Western Blot assays. It significantly diminishes the usage of primary and secondary antibodies by up to one-tenth compared to conventional laboratory practices.

The MDS-201D, equipped with a rechargeable battery, offers versatile usage options, whether on a lab bench, in a cold room, in a refrigerator, or in an incubator, catering to temperature-sensitive applications. Its robust design allows it to withstand temperatures ranging from -10 to 50°C. Featuring a distinctive magnetic attachment mechanism, it securely holds reaction tubes on the vertical platform, ensuring easy removal when necessary.

Elim-3300 has the following unique features:

  • Reagent-saving design (minimum volume of 100ul per slide)
  • Computer integrated and Programmable on a touchscreen
  • Flexibility (1 – 24 slides per run)
  • Versatility (various biomarkers)
  • Affordable priceSpecifications:
  • Speed: Variable, 0 to 30 RPM
  • No. of Reaction Tube: 9
  • Operation Temperature: -10℃ – 50℃
  • Battery Operation Time: up to 12 hours (MDS-201D)
  • Dimensions: 200 x 220 x 260 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg or 1.5 kg for MDS-201D

While specifically tailored for Western blotting, the MDS-201 is adaptable for various applications, accommodates a wide range of reaction tube selections.

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